About Us

Funeral Services in Whatcom County

Safe Harbor Funeral Service was established in 2011 by 3 partners with more than 40 combined years in the funeral industry. The founders bring diverse educational backgrounds to the business, including degrees in funeral science, business, biology, as well as a doctorate in pharmacy. The name “Safe Harbor” aptly describes the vision of the founders – to create a safe place for families to seek top quality funeral care at a price that everyone can afford.

For families who have lost a loved one, the American funeral industry has become a costly and intimidating place for the following reasons:

1) Funeral homes often have complicated price lists and packages that are difficult to understand and even harder to pay for.

2) Many funeral professionals have been trained to up-sell families when they are emotionally raw and very vulnerable.

3) Even when the deceased has preplanned and paid for their own funeral, some firms take advantage of a family’s tender feelings, suggesting they purchase more expensive materials and services.

4) Many funeral homes even create “back door” price lists under a separate business name that they only share with customers who are obviously price shopping. Everyone else pays top dollar.

Safe Harbor engages in none of the above practices:

1) Our price list is a single page that is simple to understand and very affordable (see Price List and Forms page on this site).

2) We never try to sell anyone anything – we provide our simple price list to everyone on our website and let families decide what to do.

3) We always honor preplanned funerals as planned.

4) And, of course, we have one fair and honest price list for all our customers, which is often less than half the price our competitors charge.

You and your loved ones have found Safe Harbor. We are here to provide the best funeral care available at a price that doesn’t create additional hardship. To schedule a consultation, call us at (360) 201-9860.

Value Statements

  • Your Loved One Is Always In Our Care
  • We Never Subcontract Out Our Services
  • State-of-the-Art Process Facility
  • Simple and Affordable Pricing
  • Free Private Consultations
  • Never Upsell Hassling
  • Fair and Honest to All Our Customers