Price Comparison

Most Frequently Chosen Options:

  • Complete Basic/Simple Cremation: $495
  • Burial with Graveside Service: $1,495 (includes a beautiful steel casket)

People’s Memorial Association (PMA) is a Washington state non-profit organization that provides advocacy and consumer information to Washington state residents. PMA publishes a semiannual report that compares cremation and funeral costs in Washington state. Below is the current PMA North Sound Price Comparison report along with PMA prepared worksheets that help consumers ask the right questions when calling a funeral home.

Factoring in all charges, Safe Harbor Funeral Service is the low price leader in the North Puget Sound region . For instance, Safe Harbor’s $750 All-Inclusive Direct Cremation Package not only includes all products and services listed in the PMA comparison, but also includes a Washington State Certified Death Certificate, a beautiful wood display/scattering urn and Washington state sales tax. Safe Harbor’s $495 Complete Basic/Simple Cremation is similar to our competition’s Basic Cremation, Complete Cremation or Simple Cremation and includes everything except sales tax and a Certified Death Certificate. It includes a simple plastic urn, rather than a wood urn. The total cost with one Death Certificate and sales tax is $557 – this price applies to Whatcom, Skagit and Island Counties. The San Juan Islands, however, are not included in this pricing. Please call for further information.

The same price advantage holds true with all of Safe Harbor’s funeral packages. For example, Safe Harbor’s $2,950 Complete Funeral Package not only includes all of the merchandise and services listed in PMA’s price comparison, but also includes a hearse led procession, family/flower car, the graveside service and a beautiful Batesville steel casket that most funeral homes charge up to $3,000 for. And like our other all-inclusive packages, it includes a Washington state Certified Death Certificate and Washington state sales tax. We provide the best funeral care at the best pricing. Pricing hat is both easy to understand and completely predictable, with no salesmanship or up-selling. Note: Safe Harbor Funeral Service was established in 2011 and so does not appear in the current PMA Comparison Report. However, as mentioned above, Safe Harbor’s packages include more goods/services than the funeral packages that are compared in the above PMA report (see Home page and the General Price List on the Documents and Forms page). Though Safe Harbor is a fairly new company, Safe Harbor’s staff has over 40 years of combined funeral expertise. Call Today: 360-201-9860

Value Statements

  • Your Loved One Is Always In Our Care
  • We Never Subcontract Out Our Services
  • State-of-the-Art Process Facility
  • Simple and Affordable Pricing
  • Free Private Consultations
  • Never Upsell Hassling
  • Fair and Honest to All Our Customers